IMG_0001Owner and founder, Lora Anne Cambell, opened the doors to Pet Prairie after being frustrated by not easily finding a home away from home for her canine companions.

The lack of available options inspired Lora to leave her corporate job & create a safe loving environment “where its fun to be a dog”.  Lora, native of Watauga County, turned her life long passion & obsession of “Must Love Dogs”into a full time reality when she opened Pet Prairie Dog Retreat in 2003.

She has rescued and adopted over 11 fur babies in her adulthood and has always been delighted by the company & companionship of four legs & fur.

Lora has also always had a keen interest human grade real food for pets & alternative healing.  She was able to turn her fascination into retail reality by adding Prairie Provisions in 2010 to Pet Prairie Dog Retreat’s on site services. Her hopes are to assist pet parents in navigating the gauntlet of pets foods & treats on market, directing them to healthier and tastier made in USA options.